Rachel MacLoughlin

Rachel MacLoughlin

Children’s Physiotherapist

Rachel joined the Physiotherapy team at Children in Motion in September 2017 on a part time basis. She also works at Young Epilepsy.

Since undergraduate level, Rachel has always had a keen desire to work with children which she pursued by selecting her elective placement working within a special needs school environment. Rachel loves to engage with children, achieve mutually set goals in a fun and playful way and support families in relation to their child’s holistic physiotherapy needs.
Rachel has over 14 years experience in the treatment of children and she has worked in the UK, Bermuda and Dubai within the National Health System special needs schools and the private sector. Rachel has extensive experience in treating babies, children and adolescent young people with developmental delay, Down Syndrome, genetic disorders, neurological conditions including Cereberal Palsy, Erb’s palsy, muscular dystrophy, sensory processing/spectrum disorders, musculoskeletal injuries, orthopaedics including fracture management and post orthopaedic surgery management, childhood infection and associated neurological complications and joint hypermobility syndrome.
Rachel draws from her knowledge and skill she gained from post graduate paediatric courses including the basic and advanced Bobath courses and the MAES therapy course to further enhanced her passion, skills and dynamic working within Neurodevelopment Treatment.
Rachel also enjoys applying her specialist skills within the hydrotherapy pool and doing rebound therapy. Rachel has a special interest in the treatment of children with hypermobility and complex neurological conditions.

Rachel has taken further courses and qualifications in: 

  • Foundation and advanced Bobath Courses
  • Foundation Movement Analyses and Education Strategy (MAES) course by Jean-Pierre Maes 
  • Total orthotic approach for contracture and spasticity management with Cerebral Palsy
  • Muscle strengthening in Cerebral Palsy
  • Boehme workshops: treatment of a baby
  • Addressing Challenges in the Classroom for Children with Sensory Processing Issues and Learning Difficulties
  • Educating students with autism in inclusive schools and courses on ADHD, mirroring disability, aspergers, turrets, bipolar and other similar conditions
  • Paediatric Developmental Pilates & Yoga
  • Paediatric Aquatic Therapy
  • Practical Sense in Sensory Integration* Foundation and advanced Bobath Courses

She is a member of:

  • Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP)
  • The Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists (APCP)