What to expect from an assessment with one of our specialists.

We prefer making initial telephone and/or email contact to assess whether an assessment with us is appropriate. We will email you our electronic information pack and forms to fill out. An assessment takes between 1 and 1½ hour.

We will observe your child's movement, do hands-on examination where we look at joint ranges of movement, move limbs and feel soft tissue, and may ask your child to carry out certain activities as appropriate. At the end of the assessment we will give you a verbal summary of our findings and recommendations. You will also receive a written summary and recommendation letter (included in Consultation fee) via email following the assessment. You can also request a comprehensive report which will be charged for accordingly.

If we recommend for your child to continue with treatment we will discuss this with you and should you wish to continue we will arrange for a mutually agreed date to start treatment. The frequency and length of a session will depend on your child’s needs. The treatment will entail hands-on facilitation and will be tailored according to your child’s specific needs. You will also be taught and given some activities to continue with in between sessions.