What to Expect from Treatment

We use a firm foundation of the Bobath and MAES treatment approaches, combined with other treatment approaches such as progressive resistance strength training, orthotics including Ankle Foot Orthoses Footwear Combination (as taught by Elaine Owen), Treadmill training, Kinesio Tex taping, and Pilates.

We will analyse the specific difficulties a child has in participating in ordinary activities. We then look at what a child can do, how they do it, what is missing and what is standing in the way of them achieving optimal function, progressing their skills, and acheiving their physiocal goals.

We pride ourselves with providing a holistic hands-on therapy approach and training parents to feel confident when carrying out the same activities at home, integrating this with ideas on how to carry out daily activities such as dressing in a way which will be most beneficial for your child.