Anel, your help and getting answers to our questions was simply invaluable and exactly what I had hoped for. I have been yearning to meet a person like you for the last 10 months, someone who really could help Axel with what he needs, train us and provide information with substance and backed by science and experience.

Sofie, Axel's mum (Mexico City)

Anel, thank you for your love and empowerment of Sierra, Shane and I. Your skill is something that always leaves me in awe and your generosity is beyond what I could ever have words to thank you for. Your insight into Sierra’s future and guidance has and continues to be the single most accurate and empowering. It is a huge contribution to my willingness to keep going and keep standing for Sierra’s future. Sierra is so happy to be with you (every time). She ‘stands’ taller when you are around.

Karen, Sierra's mum (Australia)

Anel has been working with our son George for the past three years and has been our saviour! She has not only provided amazing Physio support but also helped us access the best equipment for him. Her advice and experience has been invaluable and we cannot thank her enough. She has also helped so much with convincing other services within the nhs on how to best help George. When you are a parent of a severely disabled child you are constantly learning and Anel has made the process so much easier! We could not do it without her!

Francesca, George's Mum

My department has been fortunate enough to have Anel run workshops with us for both training purposes and as expert advice on children with neuromuscular conditions when we have needed additional guidance. The workshops have been extremely informative and helpful in maximising our care to this complex patient group. Anel is a delight to work with. Her knowledge and handling skills are quite superb and it has been a joy to see her gain the trust of the child whilst achieving new skills with them. All of my staff have enjoyed and benefitted from these sessions. I am delighted to be able to recommend her.

Karen Robinson, Team Leader Children's Physiotherapy, Salisbury District Hospital

Anel is an exceptionally gifted physiotherapist who has provided regular physiotherapy for the past three years for our 4 year old daughter, Ariadne, who has cerebral palsy (spastic diplegia). Anel is enthusiastic, patient and good humoured and has built a fantastic rapport with Ariadne. As a result, Ariadne thinks the sessions are fun and Anel is able to get the best out of our daughter in each session.

Anel has a very broad knowledge base and is ever resourceful. Anel adjusts routines and exercises depending on how Ariadne’s muscles are feeling in each session and she often brings props in to sessions to help with Ariadne’s focus. Of all the physiotherapists we have used, no others have gone to such effort and also been so attuned to a child.

Anel is both flexible, reliable and dedicated; she is always on time and never cancels appointments. Despite living an hour away, Anel attends twice a week (including 8am appointments each Saturday) and is also able to provide daily sessions over a fortnight every 3-4 months when we feel extra input is needed.

Anel has not only given physiotherapy input, she has also helped with many other essential elements. Amongst other things, Anel has attended key medical appointments, helped complete EHC and DLA forms, liaised with and motivated the NHS teams into providing therapy and given advice to Ariadne’s (mainstream) school in advance of her arrival. At a time when it’s almost impossible to get any state funded assistance, it is fantastic to have someone like Anel giving support and advice.

Finally, and possibly most importantly for us, Anel’s focus is to achieve the best quality movement, rather than quantity. When our daughter’s NHS funded physio suggested Ariadne should start walking at 2 years with a kaye walker and having a wheelchair for when she was tired, Anel strongly advised us that we would get a better walking pattern (and therefore have a better chance of good quality, independent walking) if we delayed walking for a while and concentrated on core strength. I’m so pleased we listened to Anel because Ariadne may have only begun walking when she was 3 years old, but she is able to walk independently. She uses walking sticks for longer journeys and her future is no longer a wheelchair.

I wholeheartedly recommend Anel and would be happy to speak to you if you would like to discuss further.


Through early intervention Anel has really helped Ollie improve his movement patterns, strength and limit the impact of gross motor skill development delays. Anel instantly connected with Ollie, is very positive in her approach and extremely experienced. I would highly recommend her.

Liz, Ollie's Mum

As soon as we knew we would be welcoming a child with cerebral palsy into our school we were keen to learn more about the condition and understand how we could best meet the child’s needs. Anel’s presentation to the entire teaching staff was interesting, informative and hugely reassuring. After a general introduction to the condition Anel explained the specific needs of our new student, describing how her condition would affect her ability to function in school. After the theory came a practical session for the staff who would be hands on together with suggestions regarding reasonable adjustments that could be made to our setting. Anel’s vast knowledge shone through as she answered our questions and I would thoroughly recommend her to any school community wanting to know how best to support a child with cerebral palsy.

Anel visits our school every week to review the progress of our pupil, who has cerebral palsy, and to fine tune the programme of physiotherapy delivered by her Support Assistant. We find these visits invaluable because we are confident that we are meeting her needs. Any problems encountered during the week can be discussed and resolved quickly. If this involves new equipment Anel advises us on what to get and where to get it from. Anel shares her knowledge and expertise in a manner that is friendly, clear and never condescending. She has empowered our staff and, most importantly, ensured our pupil has thrived within our school.